802 – 134th ST SW, Ste 110

Everett, WA 98204

Phone: 425-361-7576
Fax: 425-582-7978


STERLING Telecommunications and Construction, Inc is a company that strives, with its management and construction experience, to work with our clients to construct, to maintain and to enhance their cellular sites for optimum production with excellent workmanship.

We have assembled a strong management team with field and project management experience in all phases of construction. Our managers have been in involved in construction of all types for over 35 years and have specialized in the construction of communications facilities for over 25 years.

We are currently licensed as a General Contractor in Washington State and do work in Idaho as well.

We have a strong financial management team that sees to competitive cost control and proper, and timely, payments for our financial obligations to our vendors and subcontractors allowing us to ask for best pricing and best and timely workmanship and scheduling.

We adhere to a strict code of ethics, workmanship and safety by our suppliers and subcontractors as well as our management and employees.

We strive for the best safety record for our employees and abide by all OSHA, WISHA and NATE standards and are capable of meeting any safety requirements of our clients.

We are looking to an exciting future and want to invite you to meet with our management team to assess what we can do to help make your company more successful in the future.








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