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October 24, 2013

Mr. Randy Bonsen, President

Sterling Telecommunications  and Construction

Re: Crystal Ridge Multi-user Telecom Shelter renovation Mr. Bonsen :

I must take the time to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts that you and your team have taken to do a building expansion, new RF tower, custom post mounts in the wilderness ( mostly by hand due to limitations and restrictions of the location), and adding a new structure as well as an existing building expansion.

Mr. Rod Crawford put aside his COO duties for your company, and stepped up to take on an almost impossible task of construction on a site at 7700 ft elevation, surrounded on 3 sides by National Park boundary and National Forrest service land ., all of which have extremely restrictive working conditions, not to mention that the site is on a pile of ridge rocks with no roads or access to much of the worksite. Just getting equipment to the site was nearly impossible, so most work was done manually, including helicopter lifts because the road to the ridge site was just a 4x4 road with switchbacks preventing concrete and building materials delivery.

Your entire team has been first rate, and we have no issues or complaints from any of the Park , Forrest Service, Site landlord or any of the jurisdictions  working this site.  Your team even worked through the 2 feet of snow that fell there in late September, when most contractors would have given up.

Should you ever need someone to vouch for your abilities, please have them contact me directly.

Dave McGehee I Area Manager PNW Smartlink

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