802 – 134th ST SW, Ste 110

Everett, WA 98204

Phone: 425-361-7576
Fax: 425-582-7978


CONSTRUCTION: We have experience in constructing over 300 full construction sites as well as maintenance, technical upgrades and demolition of more than 2,500 sites in the past 12 years. We have extensive experience with tower modifications to meet the expanding structural requirements of existing towers and have completed several challenging upgrades to existing structures.

We can provide emergency repairs in the event of catastrophic weather or natural disasters, assist in growth modification and integration of existing facilities to meet capacity issues and new technology as implemented by our clients. This includes, but is not limited to, lines and antennas, the installation of component enhancing attachments such as antenna amplifiers, diplexers, remote electric antenna tilt systems, diplexers, ground mounted amplifiers, surge arresting systems, Wi-Fi installations, etc.


We have the capabilities that include the ability to perform tower mapping services, structural investigations and site audits as a prelude to structural modifications for engineering firms as well as microwave radio upgrades, telco and fiber installation and testing, equipment installation and integration, alarming, DC cabling, installation of in-building network systems as well as many other technical services. We keep pace with our training of personnel to meet the ever changing needs of the industry and our cliental. 

CONSULTING:  We have the ability to provide management of the bidding process, designing of the sites and supervision and inspection of work. We have a team of supervisors who have built sites as well as a staff capable of completing inspections to code and our client’s satisfaction and producing all documentation needed by our clients. 

ALTERNATIVE POWER SOURCING: We continue to grow into the new needs and have initiated a program to begin to work with our clients on providing backup power sourcing to include solar, wind, generator and fuel cell power and look to expand upon this concept going forward.

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